Practicing Putting Fundamentals

Consistency & Distance Golf Putting Drill

Cage Putting Drill: This is a simple drill that is also a great warm up drill before a match. Helps in practicing your putting fundamentals in order to become consistent and also work on your distance control.

Cage Putting Drill
Begin This Drill:
  • Start by laying out three clubs around the hole so they form a opening and they are roughly 3 feet away from the hole.
  • Have the hole should be roughly half way between the two clubs that are parallel.
  • Begin to take practice putts from about 10-12 feet out.
  • The goal is to get all the putts either in the hole or inside the cage but not touching any of the clubs.
  • By practicing this drill you get in the habit of applying enough speed so you do not come up short.
  • Remember that if you do miss you will be only left with a very short putt.
Second Step is to Practice from Farther Out: 
Go Through the entire putting drill by practicing farther away, about twenty feet. Keep practicing until you can get all ten balls within the opening. The objective is to become more consistent at each distance.

Remember that your distance is controlled with the length of your stoke. Keep maintaining a smooth rhythm and tempo to your stroke with no quick burst of power.

By repeatable practice you will be able to consistently get with in three feet of the hole on your long putts.

Below video demonstrates these practice techniques:

Repeat this drill with Your Eyes Closed: Repeat the entire the drill again but this time with your eyes closed. Prior to hitting the ball close your eyes. You have already gotten the feel from the first round, so now you want to ingrain that feeling in your subconscious.

By visualizing a putt in your mind you will significantly improve your speed, distance and to trust your stoke. We highly recommend practicing with your eyes because of the improvements it will make to your over all putting game.

Take the small flag pole and set it behind a hole about 18-24 inches. 

Take practice putts to either go in the cup or end up between the flag pole and hole.

This will help get you in the habit of not coming up short.

PRACTICE TIP: Take a close inspection of the conditions around the hole. When a putt losses it's speed it well follow any minor slope around the hole. Many times putts get to the hole but roll to the side and miss it by a few inches.

Again, the goal is to get in the habit of not coming up short. Only apply enough speed to the ball that if you do miss the putt you should ended up past the hole by only a few inches.

Over time you well be able to lower your score by sinking more putts if you regularly get your ball just slightly past the hole.

The next golf putting drill lesson well focus on developing accuracy.

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