Practicing Putting Fundamentals

Training Aids

Phil Mickelson - Secrets of the Short Game

This is a must have DVD for any golfer who is serious about golf and wants to lower their score. It not only covers how to putt and practice your putting but you also get a complete run down of the entire short game. Highly recommended from one of the best professional golfer on the tour today.

- Includes two DVD disks covering the entire short game

- Fully covers Putting, Chipping, Pitching and Bunker Play

- Also demonstrates the famous "Flop Shop"


TPK Golf Training Aid Putting Stick 
For improving accuracy the TPK Putting stick is excellent because it gives you immediate feedback if your putting stroke is not  accurate.

Stoke Accuracy to within better then one degree

Helps check that you have perfect eye alignment

Monitors that your swing length is correct

Included is a twenty minute training DVD which includes putting fundamentals

Use by PGA Tour Players  

Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine
The important benefit of this putting machine is help you improve your feel and develop the perfect putting stroke

- Helps guide your eyes to identify the target line and aim your putter correctly at address

- The parallel design helps in setting up your feet and shoulders square to the target line

- Aids in developing consistent ball position, a critical aspect of a repeating stroke.

- Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine is simple use to setup and use
The Z Factor Putting Machine has been ordered by PGA Tour members, PGA teaching professionals and golf training schools

Putting Connection
Perfect training for improving your putting stroke by helping you putt in one solid piece of your upper body. 

Improves Your Putting Stoke

- Trains you to use the preferred one piece triangular upper body and use the recommended pendulum putting motion.

- Reduces unnecessary wrist action

- Forces you to use your upper body as one piece

- Light weight and is adjustable for all golfers


Laser Golf Putting Aid
This state of the art putting aid makes use of 2 lasers and 3 laser systems to develop your putting game for feel, distance, pace, and speed. By far one of the most advanced and accurate putting systems today.

Laser Golf Putting System

- ALIGNMENT: The GREEN laser lets you visually confirm that you are lined up perfectly every time and allows you to see exactly where the putter makes contact with the ball. You will clearly see if you hit the ball off the toe or heel as well as the amount of your error. You can then make the corrective adjustment... and consistently strike the ball dead center.

- CALIBRATION: Whether you're lining up a 20-foot putt or a two-footer... the length of your backstroke always controls the distance you putt the ball. The longer the putt, the longer the stroke. The RED laser shows you the precise apex of your backstroke, letting you putt with repeatable consistency at any distance.

- VISUALIZATION: Laser Putt produces powerful visual images to store in your mind-images of your own putting-that can give you the bold confidence to stand over short putts. 

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