Practicing Putting Fundamentals

Importance of Golf Putting Drills

The Importance of Golf Putting Drills and Practice

Author: Paul Hobart

The drill for warming up before starting a match is vital in almost every sport, be it swimming, cricket, football or golf. The first few minutes of preparing one's body to meet the possible challenges it will face in the upcoming match or game is very important, because without your warm-up routine, you might end up losing out on your reflexes, mental alertness and overall physical fitness. All of that might lead to disastrous consequences! Hence how well your preparatory ritual goes, might well decide to a great extent how well your match will proceed. So don't neglect it!

In the case of golf, when you spend those extra few minutes on the greens, practicing for your next match, you are actually preparing yourself for the speed and alertness that the game will demand of you. Your rhythm is set and you play with a smoother tempo. Otherwise, it will be futile getting to the green and just standing still on it for half an hour, now won't it?

For putting there are specific drills that you could use to limber up. A popular one offers this short series of steps:

- While starting out on your putting drill, put to a specific target like a tree or a small pebble from a distance of about twenty to thirty feet.

- Try putting from various angles and observe the manner in which the ball moves. Being able to control the speed and the movement of the golf ball is a very important aspect of golfing.

- Take this time to judge the speed of the ball on your particular course. This will help in your attaining a better judgment.

There are other drills you can do, too. Read about them, learn others and vary your training and practice, and you'll find your build strength of multiple areas that way.

Popular Golf Putting Drills

Practice makes perfect, so the saying goes. So head out for golf putting practice to perfect your game.

Popular putting drills you can do follow. Read about them, learn others and vary your training and practice, and you'll find your build strength of multiple areas that way.

• Spend at least five minutes rolling these putt balls to your target. However, don't practice with paper cups. This will falsely lead you to assume the golf holes to be much bigger than they really are. If your mind and your body get used to getting the balls in to the cup, you will be under the illusion that your game is improving; when in reality, you are only using an easier target. It is far more effective to use smaller targets like coins or pebbles. That way the real golf hole will seem bigger, and your confidence will improve during the real match.

• The last stage of your warm-up could include a series of twenty five putts against a slope, i.e. on a rising hill, from a distance of six inches from the hole. This practice is useful for short-range shots.

Beginners often crib about how the land they practice on in the 'practice greens' is different from the greens they play their final matches on. The only difference lies in their minds: the pressure to perform makes the player think the grounds are different. In reality, the grass level is of an identical height on both courses.

Now don't go thinking that drills are boring stuff! Make sure you spice up your personal drilling routine in your style. Make it challenging and varied so that you get your required practice without getting bored.

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