Practicing Putting Fundamentals

Wrist Control Golf Putting Drills

Parallel Two Club Drill:  In a correct putting stroke you should have little flexing of your wrists. If the wrists flex during your stoke it is very hard to strike the ball square and achieve a straight putt.

This putting drill will also influence your rhythm and tempo and gives both hands an equal role in preventing either hand from becoming to dominating.

To Start:

- Put a putter in both your right and left hand and hold them so they are a few inches apart.

- Begin to swing the clubs back and forth just as if your putting.

- The objective is to keep the clubs parallel and about four inches apart.

- Try not to have the clubs touch as you swing.

- This drill may seem easy but actually it is quite difficult.

- This putting drill requires a great deal of hand and eye coordination to keep the clubs from touching in addition to keeping them four inches apart.

After practicing this drill you will quickly see that any flexing of the wrists will make the putters touch. This drill helps force your two arms and hands work as one unit.

Keep practicing this drill until your able to do it several times in a row correctly. The parallel two club drill is also a great warm up routine on the practice green before a round.

2 Ball Drill: This drill will help in determining if your striking the ball with a square putter head. 

  • Start by taking 2 golf balls and setting them on the ground together.
  • Then take your putting stoke and hit both balls at the same time.
  • If the balls move together in a straight line then you know your club head was square at impact.
  • However, if one of the balls moved sooner then the next, then your club face was not square.
Open Club Face
Assuming the inside ball goes farther then what happen was the heel of the putter got there first at impact. The result is a club face open at impact.

If the outer ball goes farther then your club face was closed at impact.
Square Club Face

To the right is an example of a open club face, the next image is a square club face and the last is a closed club face at impact.

Continue putting several dozen golf balls until the all move at the same time and go in the same distance.

Closed Club Face
If you having problems go back and review the putting fundamentals of your putting stoke to find your problem. Go back and check your set up, grip, posture, alignment and that your head and lower body are remaining still.

Passing this test each time well result in a much improved accuracy in your putting game. 

Below is a Demonstration the 2 Ball Drill

Source: Golf Tip Magazine

Plan on starting a regular practice routine that incorporate these golf putting drills and your score well definitely improve.

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