Practicing Putting Fundamentals

Improve Your Putting With This Drill

Improve Your Putting With This Practice Drill
By James Steele

Your short game on the golf course will be one of the biggest contributing factors to your final score. Take a look at this practice drill to improve your putting swing and find out how you can increase your chances of sinking those 6 foot and closer putts. These can be the most frustrating and elusive shots because they are so close it seems like they should be easy.

You'll want to start off with grabbing 10 to 20 golf balls to make sure that you have enough to practice your swing several times in a row before having to retrieve and start over. Also, make sure that you find a nice flat area of the putting green to practice on. In the future you can worry about bends and breaks on the green, but for right now we simply want to make sure you have a consistent smooth swing when you putt.
Now you want to make sure that you are about three or 4 feet away from the cup. This will be far enough away to add a degree of difficulty to be shot, as well as be good practice on the distance that will come up quite often in your golf game.

The first step to this practice drill is to work on the simple mechanics of the swing. This means that every time you begin your swing your putter head is going straight back from the ball in a perfect line from the putter head to the ball to the hole. This sounds very simple and obvious, but if you take a moment to concentrate on your swing you will probably notice some slight deviation from that straight-line which will consistently throw your putts off by a few inches. Practice swinging straight back and threw the ball in a slow consistent manner to make sure your swing is straight.

Gauge how the ball hits off of your putter face to understand if it is truly square and in-line the putt direction you would like to go. This is often one of the most common mistakes people make when putting. While their backswing might be straight and in-line, their putter face is slightly off square due to too much rotation of the body or poor grip on the handle.

To improve on this, continue to make sure that your backswing is straight and minimize your body movement while swinging through the putt. This will allow you to make any changes to your grip that are required to keep the putters head square to your shot.

Once you have fine tuned this swing, set a goal of getting five putts in a row and then 10 and then 20 and so on. This repetition and self competition will put a little pressure on you to give you a better feel for when you're competing against friends as well as consistent good practice to help your body remember the swing.
To be able to consistently keep up a practice schedule you may want to look into adding your own practice putting green to your home. They can easily be installed in your backyard, and can even be as simple as getting a small piece of artificial turf and a ball marker that can easily be used on the patio and rolled up when not needed.

As you can imagine this little drill can have a huge impact on your putting stroke and your short game. Practice consistently a few times a week and impress your friends out on the greens.
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