Practicing Putting Fundamentals

List of Articles and Video Putting Drill Tips

This is a simple drill that helps you work on controlling your distance.The objective of this drill will help you get closer to the hole on your longer putts.

8 Foot Putting Drill   by Perfect Pitch Golf
The objective of this drill is work on your eight foot putts. It requires the use of a stake and string to use a guide. You setup the string to simulate your target line. This putting drill gives you immediate feedback to see how accurate you are on your putts.

LagPutting Drill   by Dave Pelz
PGA golf instructor, illustrates how to improve your long putts at about fourty to sixty feet out.
This putting drills have you work with three balls and practice at 40, 50 and 60 feet until you can develop the feel at these longer distances.

Way to Cure the Putting Yips  by David Shen
The reason why it's so important to get rid of the yips (the correct idea is to condition yourself out of the yips) is because the yips can really destroy any golfer's round of golf.

This type of drill can help you lower your overall number of strokes significantly which is very helpful if you prefer short games. Eliminate three, four and five putts once and for all with the proper use of these drills.

Putting Drills for Under Pressure  by Golf Confidence Academy
Covers technical skills where you might have some need additional training.Techniques to work on your visualization skills

Three Stroke - Saving Putting Drills   by Jack Moorehouse
Below are three great putting drills I've used in my golf lessons over the years designed to hone your putting skills.

Importance of Golf Putting Drills   by Paul Hobart
In the case of golf, when you spend those extra few minutes on the greens, practicing for your next match, you are actually preparing yourself for the speed and alertness that the game will demand of you.

A Simple OneHand Putting Drill   by Maxx Johnson
Two reasons that I highly encourage my students to practice this one handed putting drill is that it gives them the exact feel of a proper putting motion and it develops a feel for the proper impact position for the putting stroke.

Putting in time for some golf putting practice is the best way to lower your scores. Not only will it help you to develop a better putting stroke, but it will also improve your judgment of speed and distance

Golf Putting Drill Video lessons   by Rickard Strongert
VideoJug's resident golf expert illustrates several practise drills to improve your golf putting.

Your short game on the golf course will be one of the biggest contributing factors to your final score. Take a look at this practice drill to improve your putting swing and find out how you can increase your chances of sinking those 6 foot and closer putts.

Having to read the break and line golf greens can cause a high handicap golfer to break out in a cold sweat. This is because they haven't been shown an easy way to read greens yet.

Practicing under pressure and simulating comp conditions is essential to a player's success. Drills such as this one where you can be rewarded and punished for performance are excellent at putting pressure on a player.

Illustration Golf Putting drills to Practice at home   by Ken Martin PGA 
Makes use of PVC pipe to setup practicing straight putts. Check to see if your putter swinging is correct. Controlling your forward swing path. Aid in controlling the heel and toe of the putter club face